Saturday, March 24, 2012

Couple Shirts, Sweet yet with a Taste of Humor

By A.R. Villamor

It is true that couple shirts are among the list of the most popular gifts that we could give to our loved ones and the search for the couple shirt design are one of the most challenging things we have to face. Some malls do have couple shirts but the ones that bear the unique designs are the one you are in search for (simply because you yearn for the design that you know no one else can buy in the department stores).  

Here are some samples of humorous yet sweet couple shirts that I have seen on the web, particularly on talk@tee’s online shop:

This shirt can be described by the name itself, love online. This couple shirt usually fit the couples who have long distance relationship, and just maintain their communication through the web. It can also be suitable for couples who have first known each other through the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is a sweet gift that you can give to your partner who is far from you and you can even put your own pictures on the shirt to make it a lot sweeter.

This is the most common couple shirt that I encountered. Though it may be common, it still remained sweet. “Love” not completed without each other, can anything be any sweeter than that? 

“I will give you everything, even the stars in the sky” aww... a very common, cheesy but sweet line. Why not just give these couple shirts? It would seem as if you also have given your partner a “real” star. 

Well, these couple shirts have a very humorous nature. Tok giving Kat (both are characters of talk@tee) a bouquet of roses from Kat’s garden, without Kat’s knowledge! Well that’s funny (and sweet!).
If you want to see more couple shirt designs to choose from, I suggest that you visit talk@tee’s Facebook page at .

About the author:
A.R. Villamor is a music lover by nature. She also loves arts and reading books especially children’s classics, mystery and sci-fi novels.

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